Monday, August 6, 2012

Summer Page: My Top 5 Picks in NY

August already?! This summer is flying by. I mentioned last week that I would share my end-of-summer to-do list. With only four weeks left, there's still so much I want to do! New York, come summer, is amazing. If you can look past the heat and humidity, you'll discover a different city—one filled with rooftop bars, pop-up pools, and more. The top five things that I still have left to do are below. But stay tuned this week for more: since the joys of summer vary from person to person, city to city, I polled a few close friends to get their own (fabulous) end-of-summer picks. 
At the top of my list: getting tickets to see Shakespeare in the Park's production of Into the Woods. Besides the fact that it stars Amy Adams, I can't stop thinking about the inspired adaptation of this musical that my sister and I dreamed up when we were little kids. We performed it only for our parents, but the music has been with me ever since! :)
Next on my list, an evening (or afternoon) at Brooklyn Bridge Wine Bar. I recently discovered this literally hidden gem, and I've wanted to go back ever since. Located on Pier One in Brooklyn Bridge Park, this wine bar features a limited number of tables in a spot that's cleverly shaded by big, leafy trees. Drink a bottle of wine, then go for a walk in the park—just a few steps away is the Brooklyn Bridge, and that iconic Woody Allen/Manhattan spot.
All summer, I've been so intrigued by this year's rooftop exhibit at the Met—and I still haven't been! Cloud City by Tom├ís Saraceno features a series of interconnected, mirrored panels, arranged to reflect the Central Park landscape, and the sky. You can walk through, and sip champagne—although the museum advises against this, since the perspectives on their own can really alter your view!
This pick is slightly more adventurous: I really want to go kayaking in New York. After going sailing earlier this summer on the Hudson, I think that seeing the skyline from the water truly is the ultimate view. The Downtown Boathouse offers great rates, and top-notch equipment, too. Have you done something like this before? Would love to hear your advice!
The last thing that I want, need, have-to-do before summer's end is visit Governor's Island. Yes—I went earlier this season, but it was the most peaceful I've felt all year. With a good book, and good company, it's the best place to be. And those hammocks. All just a two-minute ferry ride from the city!

How are you planning to spend the last four weeks of summer? Share your picks and I might feature them on my blog!

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  1. Great pictures! It makes me want to take another adventure into the city :-) Miss you!

  2. Come visit anytime! We can do all of these things together. :)