Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer Page: City by City To Do's

No matter where you live, there are so many ways to take advantage of the last four weeks of summer. As I mentioned yesterday, I asked a few close friends to share their end-of-summer to-do lists, and explain what makes the city they live in so special during this fabulously laid back time of year. :) Read on to see their picks, and weigh in with your own in the comments section below!

End of Summer To-Do: Before summer's out, I want to take advantage of the weather with a good old-fashioned road trip. I look forward to taking a long weekend, getting a rental car, turning on the radio and heading south. Unfortunately, for my roadtrippin' friends, I can't drive, but I do make a mean shotgun!
Why I Love a New York Summer: New York summer is the great equalizer. It’s hot, it’s gross, it’s sweaty and the only way to enjoy yourself is to not take things too seriously and just to go with it. The late nights, the lazy days, the rooftop parties, the sidewalk caf├ęs–it doesn’t get any better! 
Heather, Travel Editor; Blogger for This is Heather C
End of Summer To-Do's: Eat my heart out at Smorgasburg; hit up Lincoln Center Out Of Doors (before it ends on Aug 12!); try out hiking yoga in Central Park; rent a bike on Governor's Island; suck up the subway ride to Coney Island on Saturday (and go on all the rides); and use up the Groupon deals that I purchased for cheap froyo and salsa dancing lessons.
Why I Love a New York Summer: It's great meeting new people at rooftop bars. Well, really anything on rooftops (movies, brunches, etc.). I also love the shared look of pained disgust that two New Yorkers exchange on an unbearably hot summer night as they pass one another the street, pouring with sweat, the air reeking of hot garbage. It's like, yeah, we know this sucks, but hey, it's New York. It's a small price to pay for living here. (Relative to rent, that is.)
Megan, Digital Editor; Creator of No Joe Schmo

End of Summer To-Do's: I'm in the midst of finishing our samples for mike&ton as part of Boston Fashion Week, but in between, I want to finish the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy. Also left to do: enjoy steamed lobsters at Summer Shack!
Why I Love a Boston Summer: I love how there is no traffic, and there are less people around. The city feels so homey this time of year.
Tonya, Co-Founder and Designer, mike&ton

End of Summer To-Do's: Leave the State. Actually get "in" a swimming pool. Get to the sexy part of Fifty Shades of Grey (the first 20 pages are a bore). Enjoy a hot summer night with a ginormous ice cream cone (not frozen yogurt, but the real deal). Find a clam bake. Start thinking about my fall wardrobe!
Why I Love an LA Summer: There's no humidity, and much less traffic. Oh, and the long summer days living by the Pacific Ocean are pretty fantastic!
Rachel Bailit, Actress
End of Summer To-Do's: Right now at the top of my summer 2012 bucket list is going to the newly opened Grand Park in downtown Los Angeles for a picnic, seeing the Los Angeles band Best Coast perform at the Twilight Concert Series at the Santa Monica pier, and multiple trips to the Larchmont Farmer's Market in my neighborhood to stock up on heirloom tomatoes and summer fruits until the season ends!
Why I Love an LA Summer: The vibe in Los Angeles changes when summer rolls around. True, we have sunshine and warm weather most of the year but when June hits, social calendars start filling up with outdoor concerts, festivals, and spending time at the beach. And I love all the tourists that flock to LA in the summer. They definitely contribute to the excitement and wonder of Los Angeles.
Angela, Social Media Editor; Blogger at Angela is Here
End of Summer To-Do's: I am looking forward to going to Catalina Island, hopefully in the next two weeks. Growing up, I used to go every year during the summer (it's just a 1-2 hour boat ride away!), but I haven't been in a long time. I want to go kayaking, snorkeling, and whale watching.  Also on my to-do list: sample sale and vintage shopping. A few places I love checking out are Long Beach Antique Market, Shareen Vintage, and Melrose Trading Post.
Why I Love an LA Summer: My favorite thing about summer in LA is early morning runs on the beach. I love waking up very early, when it's still crisp and cool outside and running in Huntington Beach. The sound of the waves and the cool and salty breeze is so relaxing and energizing. And the view of all the hot surfers is an added bonus!
Laiza, Lawyer

My to-do list here. Happy summer! xoxo 

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