Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Best Vanilla Cupcakes

Call me crazy, but during my weekend at home, I attempted another baking adventure! The recipe on deck? The Best Vanilla Cupcakes by One Girl Cookies, my favorite bakery in New York. With my mom there to help, we averted culinary disaster like the last time. Our dog Bandit even wanted a taste! :)

I couldn't find a link to the recipe online, but you can buy their cookbook to get it, along with tons of other recipes for delicious, sugary treats.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Framed shopping bags

What do you do with the limited edition (or classic) shopping bags you take home after purchasing something at your favorite stores or boutiques? I always hold onto mine, but this brilliant idea gave me a new and creative way to feature every artful design. After all, most shopping experiences are usually marking an occasion. To me, framing each bag is a lovely reminder of that outfit, that memory, that style.

What do you think? Would you try this design idea at home?

(Image 1, 2 via Style Redux and Pinterest)

Friday, February 24, 2012

The weekend is here!

Happy weekend dear readers! How was your week? I'm traveling for the next couple of days — Massachusetts-bound to catch up with family and friends. I'm hoping for a traffic-free journey back to New York on Sunday so that I don't miss one minute of the Academy Awards! Here, to get your weekend started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

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Audra Mae, download now.

Spring fling.

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Weekend movie plans.

Simple syrup recipes.

Add lemon.

Rainy day color.

(Image via Pinterest)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Downton Abbey

I'm late to the party on this one, but after a 7-episode marathon of season one over the weekend, I'll admit: I'm hooked on Downton Abbey. I know that I'm a full season behind (forgive me!), but I promise, I'll catch up quick. I actually feel lucky that I still have seven full episodes to go. :)

Are you watching Downton Abbey, too? If so, who is your favorite character and what do you think of the show?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Animal art

Ever since Joanna mentioned the Animal Print Shop, I can't stop surfing their site. Every image is too sweet for words. The climbing cubs? The baby raccoon? The basset hound? I can't decide which one I love more. Check out lots of other prints here, and tell me, which animal is a work of art to you?

(Image 1, 2, 3 via The Animal Print Shop)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bits of My Weekend

Tuesday, already? What a lovely three day weekend it was! I thought I'd post a few snaps from my New York stay-cation.

1. I finally checked out Untitled, the new Danny Meyer restaurant that recently opened at the Whitney Museum. Have you been? A new a la carte dinner menu is now being offered for dinner, but we opted for brunch. The cheesy eggs with home fries were incredible — taste even better than they look!

2. A weekend is never complete without a vanilla cupcake (with blue frosting!) from One Girl Cookies in Cobble Hill. And good news! They just released their very first cookbook, so this weekend, you better believe I'm going to attempt to bake these sugary treats on my own.

3. The latest InStyle, J. Crew catalog, and Redbook — all reading material to enjoy while I sat poolside at the spa on the 21st floor of the Peninsula Hotel. Last week was a busy one at work. Time at the spa this weekend was a must!

How did you spend the long weekend? 

Friday, February 17, 2012

The weekend is here!

Happy weekend dear readers (and happy President's Day, too)! Did you have a nice week? I must say, I'm quite looking forward to having the next few days off. So much, that I planned a mini-spa retreat for myself on Monday. This week was a busy one, and I think a massage and some time in the steam room will do me good! What do you have planned? Here, to get your weekend started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

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DIY Oscar party

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A Sex and the City comic book.

Viral vocal track of the week.  

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Boogie shoes

Pick up some new moves with these clever posters that break down every step in some of pop culture's most famous dance scenes. From Gene Kelly in Singin' in the Rain to the Chicken Dance in Arrested Development, each poster is guaranteed to make you laugh. Check out the rest of them here.

Tell me — are there any famous dance scenes that Dancing Plague of 1518 forgot to include?

(Images via Because I'm Addicted) 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Baby, let's cruise

As the popular Seinfeld phrase goes, "Serenity now!" That's exactly what it looks like you'll get while aboard the M/V Aria as it tours the northern part of the Amazon River in Peru. How breathtaking are the panoramic views? The floor to ceiling, wall to wall windows in every room enable you to really see (and enjoy) all the sights as they pass by. Talk about the ultimate spot to unwind and relax!

Tell me — if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go to relax?

(Images via Double Takes)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be mine, Valentine!

In honor of Valentine's Day, what is your all-time favorite movie/on screen kiss? I included a few of mine above: Breakfast at Tiffany's, Never Been Kissed, The Notebook, Sex and the City, When Harry Met Sally, Pretty Woman. Now, it's your turn to share. Post your favorite movie kiss in the comments below!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Valentine's Day, filled with lots of smooches from the people you love! xo 

(Images via IMDB)

Monday, February 13, 2012

You were loved

"God gave me a voice to sing with, and when you have that, what other gimmick is there?"
                                                                                                              - Whitney Houston
                                                                                                                  (Rest in peace.)

Friday, February 10, 2012

The weekend is here!

My dear readers, happy Friday! For those of you that live in New York, can you believe that the forecast is actually predicting snow? :) I am hoping for a cozy weekend at home with lots of time to read the March issues of Harper's Bazaar, InStyle, and Esquire. What do you have planned? Here, to get your weekend started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

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My new guilty pleasure. 

(Image via Pinterest)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Inspiration at home

Yes, I recently joined Pinterest, but I'm curious: do you maintain an inspiration board at home? I have for quite some time, although I think it needs to be updated a bit. I post everything — photos of friends and I together, magazine clippings I love, clever greeting cards (like this). The sky's the limit when it comes to sparking creative ideas. I mount everything on a bulletin board and have it set up so it's the last thing I see before I walk out the door.

Tell me — do you have an inspiration board at home? Do you have a Pinterest account (if you do, let me know so I can follow you!). 

(Image via Coco+Kelley)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

An affair to remember

I'm in love with the scene at this gorgeous nighttime wedding in Northern California. The bride Nadine wanted a Dirty Dancing vibe, which is exactly why she chose the summer cottages at Dawn Ranch. Don't you love the pinata? And the impressive father/daughter dance? Looks like Nadine had the time of her life. :)

(Images via 100 Layer Cake) 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Morning moment

The sunny kitchen set-up above got me thinking: how much leisure time do you set aside each morning before walking out the door to start a busy day? If I had a breakfast set-up like this, I'd love to build in an extra 30 minutes — just enough time to wake up, read the newspaper, spend time pinning on Pinterest, or just sipping a cup of green tea.

What time do you wake up each morning? Do you allow any down time that's just for you? 

(Image via Darling Dexter)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Ryan and George

I had the best Friday night ever this weekend: a homemade Italian dinner, a bottle of delicious red wine, and an on-demand rental of The Ides of March. Have you seen it? With George Clooney and Ryan Gosling sharing the screen, I didn't know who to focus on first! The movie was good, too — I'm curious to see if it wins for Best Adapted Screenplay, a tough call since it's up against Moneyball, The Descendants, and Hugo. Regardless, I can't get enough of the George/Ryan love. Too cute!

Watch the trailers for the Best Adapted Screenplay nominees here:

The Ides of March
The Descendants
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

(Images via Zimbio)