Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cutie booties from Madewell

I have been on the hunt for a while now for a cute pair of booties to wear this fall. My struggle is that the leather always seems to gap around my ankle, which produces an odd fit. That's why I was thrilled to discover the above pair from Madewell—the Lonny Boot comes with a strap, and a bit of stretch, too. I'm in love!

Do you rock booties or traditional boots in the fall? Or both? 

(Image 1, 2) 


  1. I got my first ever pair of booties from target... and I am still unsure if they are cute or dorky. I decided to go with a cheap pair, and if i liked them, go for something more legit. yours are adorable!

  2. @Hil: I totally agree! I've tried on so many pairs, and every time, I think, "Can I really pull these off?" I'm going to pop over to Madewell this week to see how this pair looks. They're so cute, but it's hard to tell!

    Thanks for reading my blog!