Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Honey Trees sing "Moon River"

This song has always been a favorite of mine, but I'm captivated by this particular version of "Moon River" by The Honey Trees. Becky Filip and Jacob Wick's harmonies are full of warmth and wistfulness. Such a sweet performance of the classic song. What do you think?

(Via Sunshine)

Friday, May 27, 2011

The weekend is here!

Happy weekend dear readers and happy Memorial Day too! A three day weekend is always a wonderful treat. What do you have planned? I'm escaping for a few days out of the city, and some much needed R&R. Golf, shopping, brunch — that's how I'll be filling the time. I've been craving some country air, and this weekend, I have big plans to soak it up. :) Wishing each of you a lovely long weekend. Here, to get it started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

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Life's happiness found at pool school

Pink pants! 

Literally, I love Rob Lowe. 

(Central Park via From Me To You)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Daydreaming about summer camp

Leave it to Flavorpill to pull together a list of fictional summer camps we all wish we could attend. Their list makes me fantasize about summer vacation as a kid — a time that was full of open-ended possibilities and free time! All of Flavorpill's picks are fantastic. Addams Family Values, Salute Your Shorts, Camp Nowhere — each one is pop culture gem. But what about Camp Cucamonga? I remember being 7 or 8 years old and having my friends over for a birthday slumber party where we watched this film. At the time, the cast didn't even register. Jennifer Aniston, Danica McKellar, Candace Cameron Bure — all star in the film. Have you seen this movie? What was your favorite movie to watch as a kid?

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A change of a dress

In my book, Memorial Day Weekend makes it official: summer is here! There's nothing I love more than breaking out a crisp new dress to wear when warm weather arrives. The four above are only a handful of my top picks. Don't you just love Steven Alan's take on spring/summer fashion? Or Shoshanna's bright and colorful coral dress? And I love the casual, yet elegant look of anything Calypso St. Barth. How about you? What's your favorite summer look? 

(Image 1 via Steven Alan; Image 2 via Calypso St. Barth; Image 3 via Steven Alan; Image 4 via Shoshanna)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Watch This: Submarine

Have you seen the trailer for Submarine? It's definitely a movie I can't wait to watch. Produced by Ben Stiller, the film is about a boy — Oliver Tate — and his quest to lose his virginity before his next birthday and simultaneously stop his parents' marriage from falling apart. Although Submarine is marked as a British comedy, the tone of the love story seems magical and surreal. What do you think? Will you watch this film when it opens in theaters this June?

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Monday, May 23, 2011

Author Page: Laura Dave

If you haven’t yet picked up a book by author Laura Dave, I promise you this: you’re missing out. Two years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing Laura about The Divorce Party, her follow-up novel to London is the Best City in America. Both books are fun and captivating reads, and needless to say, I was ready for more. Thankfully this month, Laura is celebrating the release of her new novel The First Husband, a story about love and relationships, and what it means to truly commit. Here, Laura talks about her new book and shares some exciting relationship news of her own.

Congratulations on the release of your third novel The First Husband! It’s ironic. I'm getting married this fall which means I’m actually writing a book called The First Husband as the first husband is coming. My fiancé thinks I should dedicate the book to him and say, “To my first husband, hopefully my last.” I keep telling him absolutely not. [She laughs].

How would you describe The First Husband? It starts in a place where Annie Adams [the lead character], in reaction to her longtime partner leaving her out of the blue, meets and marries someone else three months later. She wakes up in a tiny town in Massachusetts feeling like she has married a stranger and picked her life in reaction to something else.

What can readers expect from this book? All three of my books have started with a question. The first book, London is the Best City in America, asked how do we choose a life? When we’re in our 20s and 30s and have so many options, we can feel like closing any door is very difficult. The Divorce Party asked the question, how do we forgive? How do we stay with someone over the course of a lifetime? The First Husband is the third in a trilogy of books that answer questions about commitment and forgiveness. This one asks the question, how do we pick a new life when the life we thought we’ve chosen has fallen apart?

In your research about relationships, why is commitment so tough to figure out? I talked to a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists about this while I was working on all three books. Particularly with The First Husband, I learned that there are two elements at war against commitment now. One is that there is such a premium put on being “happy”. With our grandparents’ generation, we could have bad months or bad years with somebody and still know that, ultimately, happiness was wrapped up in this person and their family. Now, there’s this idea that if everything isn’t perfect at all times, maybe it’s the wrong choice. This dovetails with this other idea that everything is disposable. If our life in one city doesn’t work out, we can move to another. If a job isn’t working out (less so nowadays), we can pick another. There are so many imaginary options that it can make it hard to commit to someone else, let alone commit to yourself and the idea you have of what you want your own life to look like.

Is there a way to stay committed? The simplest answer is that you have to commit to the commitment. You have to really want to do that work. It's also really important to commit to yourself. You really have to feel like you know who you are. It’s not to say that who you are isn’t a changing mechanism, and you can’t evolve, but it’s that that evolution is something that won’t lead you far away from what your core is. If you’re casting about, it’s easier to blame your partner. You think, I’m really miserable so it must be your fault.

Since all of your books answer questions about love and commitment, now that you’re getting married, how does that impact your perspective? It’s so funny. I think — as is often the case — it’s much easier to look out than look in. My fiancé is a screenwriter and has a very good sense of humor about people thinking that the characters in the book are based on him. I really am very careful to pull from the emotional life that I’m having and of my friends and what people I know are going through to try to get to something enlightening, but I’m very careful not to use details from my life or my friend’s lives. That feels like robbery. In terms of whether I’m able to look at my own relationship better, my guess is that I would say yes and my fiancé would say no. [She laughs].

You described your three books as a trilogy — was that your intention or did each one happen organically? They really happened organically. They’re only a trilogy in the ways that they speak to each other in retrospect. You certainly don’t need to read the first two books to understand the new one, but I actually feel like The First Husband delves into themes of commitment in a way that make me feel some closure with this topic. I’ve started working on my next book, which is told from the point of view of a man and woman. It really goes in a different direction.

London is the Best City in America was optioned for a movie by Reese Witherspoon; The Divorce Party was optioned by Jennifer Aniston. Are there any updates on that? The Divorce Party is in active development. I don’t know yet what’s going to happen, but hopefully we’ll have a director on board in the next couple of weeks to tell you about. I don’t really know what’s going to happen with London — things are moving a bit slower with that, but that’s how these things go. Something else that’s exciting is that I’m going to adapt The First Husband to be a movie. That will be a great experience for me.

That’s great! What inspired you to take that on? I co-wrote a screenplay with someone when I first moved out here for Dreamworks and it was a really great experience and something I enjoyed. I think that The First Husband would be a really fun movie and I just wanted to do it myself this time. I’m not ready to let these characters go!

What do you hope the outcome is for The First Husband? I hope it’s something that makes my readers happy. One of the nice things that is happening with this book is that we’re getting such a wonderful response from book clubs. My favorite part of publishing is talking to book clubs because it feels really intimate and I get to be a part of everyone’s life for a minute. I’m talking to 50 book clubs in the next three months, which is really lovely and I hope that continues. A reader said to me the other day one of the nicest compliments I’ve ever received — that this book made her have insight into her own life. I hope people continue to embrace The First Husband and feel like it’s a conversation piece.

Last question — are there any books that you’re reading right now that you want to recommend? I read a book that’s coming out this summer called Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close. I really loved it. I just started Little Bee by Chris Cleave. I think that one’s pretty remarkable. My dear friend Allison Winn Scotch has her new book coming out next winter called The Song Remains the Same. One last one, which is one of my favorites — Alice Munro’s Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage. That book is all short stories and it’s just fabulous.

Listen to Laura Dave read a selection from The First Husband on May 23 (today!) at the Corner Bookstore on the Upper East Side in New York.

Friday, May 20, 2011

The weekend is here!

Happy Friday dear readers! I don't know about you, but I'm sort of over this rain. I'm ready for spring! And fun dresses! And sunshine! Anyways, what do you have planned for the weekend? I have big plans to follow in the footsteps of Angie and Maddox above and just kick back and relax. I would also like to check out the new Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris. I've been in a movie mood this week — I saw Bridesmaids and Everything Must Go too. Both films were fantastic. I highly recommend! Here, to get your weekend started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

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I've always been partial to bows. Especially here and here

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I was undecided, now I'm sure: yellow nail polish is it!

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A pop of color goes a long way! 

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Man of Style John Krasinski

I've always had a mini-crush on actor John Krasinski, but these photos from the June issue of InStyle only make me love him more. Discussing his role in the new romantic comedy Something Borrowed, John also shares some of his tried and true fashion tips. Besides his love of Steven Alan, he admits that when it comes to his clothes, there's only one fashion opinion that counts: that of his wife, actress Emily Blunt. Awww!

For more John Krasinski, click here and here.

(Images via Tracey Mattingly) 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sprinkles Cupcakes makes its NY debut

Always on the lookout for a sugary cupcake to try, I was thrilled to hear the news that Sprinkles Cupcakes has arrived in New York. Now open on the Upper East Side, the celebrated West Coast brand features cupcake flavors ranging from Salty Caramel to Cinnamon Sugar. Sprinkles is even credited by the Food Network as "the world's first cupcake bakery". Still, I wonder how it'll stack up against the competition in New York. Do you have a favorite cupcake place in New York? Would love to hear where it is!

(Images via Sprinkles Cupcakes and Grub Street)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I want a beach day!

Maybe its because I was thinking about Maine recently or maybe it's because of all the rain, but I'm really craving some time by the water. If I could add a polka dot bathing suit to the equation like Audrey above, that would be even better!

(Image via Wit + Delight)

Monday, May 16, 2011

How to host a dog party

Planning to throw a special celebration in honor of your pooch? Take your cue from party planner extraordinaire Amy Atlas. With the help of Brittany and Sarah from One Charming Party, this trio threw one heck of a soiree in honor of their favorite four-legged friends. The secret to a successful puppy party? It's simple: it's all about the details. From the clever "Come. Sit. Stay." invites to the range of dog-friendly treats, there was something for everyone at this festive affair. For more details on how they pulled it off, click here. But first tell me — have you ever hosted a party for your pet?

(Images via Amy Atlas and One Charming Party)

Friday, May 13, 2011

The weekend is here!

Dear readers, we made it to Friday after another busy week! What do you have planned for the weekend? I'm eating dinner with friends at Ted and Honey Café in Cobble Hill. Have you ever been? Every time I go, the food is sublime — and made fresh from local organic and sustainable farms, which makes every bite all the more delicious! :) Anyways, wishing you a lovely and relaxing weekend ahead. Here, to get it started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

Paper moon backdrops

Go camping at home.

Such a sweet summer dress.

Two of my weaknesses combined.

Manhattan (and Brooklyn).

Great idea: a NY and SF home swap!

Chocolate covered balloons.

Start your day with mango, end it with pesto.

Life in a bubble.

Because everyone loves Paul.

Let's dance!

All About Yves: My first story for PureWow.

Make your own PhotoBooth.

Forget the bull.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011

I went to MoMA and...

Have you been to the MoMA lately? I went in early April with my roommate and a friend, and we had such a great time. On the way out the door, we were each handed a MoMA pencil and a blank sheet of paper to record any thoughts (or artistic inspirations) we had during our visit. My roommate's is on the top right — so creative, right? View the ones above and many more here, or go to the museum and post your own!

(Drawings and notes via MoMA)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Your Song" by Ellie Goulding

Did anyone else catch Ellie Goulding's performance on SNL over the weekend? The British pop star's voice is so angelic and sweet — I can see why she was picked to serenade Wills and Kate at the Royal Wedding just two weeks ago. My favorite is her rendition of "Your Song" by Elton John, and the music video to match. Definitely a more youthful take on the 70s hit! 

(Video via YouTube)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Kentucky Derby

Over the weekend, I went on a mini-road trip to Connecticut for my friend's family's annual Kentucky Derby party. It was my first time attending, and wow — what an occasion it was! From the racetime excitement to the creativity of the hats, it was a festive and colorful day, mint juleps and all. :) The best part was when my horse, named Comma to the Top, almost won the race! His odds pegged him as a long shot, but he held his own. Photos from the day are above. Thanks to my friend's family for hosting such a lovely day!

Did you watch the Kentucky Derby? Which horse did you bet on to win?

Monday, May 9, 2011

East versus West Coast

I'm an East Coast girl born and raised, but I love these two prints—especially when placed side by side. Originally seen in the home of Annemarie Buckley of Scout's Honor Co., there was such a high demand for the coast to coast prints, she is now selling them online. I love the lyrics from this classic Beach Boys' song. And with my little sister now living on the West Coast, I think this would be a perfect gift idea for her. What about you — are you an East Coast or California girl? 

(Images via Scouts Honor Co.)

Friday, May 6, 2011

The weekend is here!

Happy Friday dear readers! Wishing all the mom's out there a very special Mother's Day in advance. :) This weekend also marks another festive occasion: the Kentucky Derby! For the first time ever, I'm attending my college friend's family's infamous Derby party, and I can't wait. My plan is to wear yellow—and a great big hat of course. Stay tuned for pics next week! To get your weekend started right, here are a few happy posts from around the web:

For kids that like elephants.

Firework studies.

The Royal Wedding in review.

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Say hello.

What did you do to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Cupcakes in a jar (for a good cause!).

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A film to see tonight.

(Images of Audrey Hepburn and Shirley MacLaine via Every Day I Show)

Thursday, May 5, 2011


I can't stop thinking about a summer vacation in Maine. The shots above are of Popham Beach —  my home away from home as a kid. My family used to spend the majority of the summer there, swimming and beach-combing all season long. Where did you spend vacations growing up? Have you ever been to Maine?

(Images via David MaherPhotos and mike87055 on Flickr

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Early risers

Consider this a posterity shot to prove that we did in fact make it up at 5 a.m. to watch Wills and Kate get married. Please excuse our morning look sans makeup! But our smiles are each so big after watching the Royal Couple say 'I do', it's hard to notice anything else! :)

Royal cookies

Experiencing Royal Wedding withdrawal? Order yourself a box of Royal cookies from Eleni's to help dull the pain. Don't you just love the representation of Prince William and (now) Princess Kate's special day? The entire box is not only a tribute to the wedding, but a tribute to England itself. Definitely a sweet treat!

For more of the Royals, click here and here and here. Check back later today for pics from the Royal Wedding viewing party I attended.

(Images via Eleni's)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Cappella Page: Overboard

More a cappella? You got it! Going forward, I will be featuring once-a-month interviews with a cappella groups I love. For the first one, meet Overboard, a Boston-based professional a cappella group founded by Nick Girard in 2006. A member of the University of Vermont Top Cats in college, Nick went into serious a cappella withdrawal after graduation. It wasn’t until he caught a performance by another semi-pro group that he was inspired to start his own. I caught up with Nick—and the rest of the guys, including special guest Rockapella's Jeff Thacher—before a gig at Crash Mansion in New York.

First, what inspired you to start Overboard? I sang for three years in college, really liked it, left, and wasn’t doing anything musical at all. I went to an a cappella competition in Boston and saw a semi-pro group performing there. All I could think was how cool it was. I thought, I could do that.

How did you find people to join the group in the beginning? Some of them were people that I sang with in college. Others, we found through Craigslist. I actually held auditions for the first two members completely by myself. I just met guys in a house. Alone. I’m the one original member left. Scott [Overboard's percussionist] is the next guy and he joined in March of 2007.

How would you describe Overboard’s style? We try to keep our repertoire really eclectic. We want to be able to perform at everything from a college to a 75-year-old’s birthday party and be able to entertain both audiences. We often find ourselves in front of an audience that spans a 50-year age gap. As a result, we try to mix up our style a lot.

What songs are in your repertoire? We do a lot of standard, doo-wop types of songs like “Stand By Me” or “In the Still of the Night”. We also do some modern pop songs like “Baby” by Justin Bieber and “Forget You” by Cee Lo Green. We just recently found out we’re the recipients of a CARA Award and some CARA runner-up awards. One of them was for Best Religious Song for a version of “Amazing Grace” we did. The other was for a jazz song. We remade Britney Spears’ “Toxic” into this really atonal, creepy, esoteric jazz song. We do all kinds of things.

Is it tough to pursue a cappella full-time? We’re doing our best to make this a full-time venture. We do a lot of musical side work in order to make sure that we have enough income coming in. Most of us at this point are doing a cappella production work too, tracking high school groups or college groups and doing editing and mixing. That’s something we’re going to be pursuing in a more organized and formal fashion coming up.

What do you guys think about the state of a cappella today? It’s really exciting. A lot of things are happening. It’s becoming a lot more recognizable. Specifically, I think with shows like Glee, people are starting to pay a lot more attention. When I started Overboard, we did a lot of street performing up in Newburyport, Massachusetts and coastal towns. We would be singing on the street and the 13-year-old boys would walk by and make fun of us. Now, they’ll actually stand there and watch or sit down and give us money. There isn’t as much of a stigma about it anymore.

Tell me about Free Track Tuesdays. The primary reason for Free Track Tuesdays was so that we could develop a workflow and regiment ourselves to a one-week period in order to arrange, track and mix a song. The exterior part of it was, let’s make the song that we do available for free as a sample from us. It’s worked out really well for us so far. Our download rates go up every week.

What’s next for Overboard? We just recently lost one of our members so we’re in the midst of rebuilding the repertoire for five people instead of six. We’re auditioning, but we’re cognizant of the fact that finding the right member to fill the spot takes time. We’re not in a rush. We’re also planning a UK tour. A former intern of ours from Massachusetts is going to school at St. Andrews in Scotland and so we’re working with him and his group to put something together.

Last question—what other a cappella groups are you listening to right now? At Vocal Nation, we had the pleasure of listening to the Swingle Singers from London. They are unbelievable. If you have the opportunity to see them live, go, no matter what you have to cancel to do it. Also, go into the show realizing that all a cappella afterwards is going to pale in comparison to what you see. It was probably the best live music performance I’ve ever seen.

Don't miss Overboard's Free Track Tuesday. Go to their site to download a song today!

Monday, May 2, 2011

By Design: The Bathroom

Think about all the postcards and mementos you've been saving over the years. Now, consider the design idea above from Annemarie Buckley of Scout's Honor Co. I love the way she turns her bathroom walls into art at her Vermont-based home. The collage effect is so cool and entertaining—if your guests start spending more time in the bathroom, you'll know why!

For tips on how to style your own design wall, watch this video here.

(Images via Poppytalk)