Monday, May 16, 2011

How to host a dog party

Planning to throw a special celebration in honor of your pooch? Take your cue from party planner extraordinaire Amy Atlas. With the help of Brittany and Sarah from One Charming Party, this trio threw one heck of a soiree in honor of their favorite four-legged friends. The secret to a successful puppy party? It's simple: it's all about the details. From the clever "Come. Sit. Stay." invites to the range of dog-friendly treats, there was something for everyone at this festive affair. For more details on how they pulled it off, click here. But first tell me — have you ever hosted a party for your pet?

(Images via Amy Atlas and One Charming Party)


  1. Or like this of course ;)

  2. I just saw this — that dog party is priceless! Thank you for sharing Narry! :)