Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Paris in the Rain

I know I just recently blogged about Paris, but these photos from Little Brown Pen caught my eye. Nichole's series about Paris in the rain is lovely, and perfectly captures the energy of a city where the moody weather changes on a dime. In fact, the rain came to be one of my favorite parts of my trip—I loved waking up to a downpour, or ducking into a cozy coffee shop when a short-lived storm passed by.

I'm actually missing Paris a lot, and already itching to go back. In the interim, I decided to join the French Library in New York to keep French culture top of mind. I'm going to my first event tonight. :)

One more: Have you listened to this Regina Spektor song? It talks about Paris in the rain. It's amazing!

(Images via Little Brown Pen)


  1. Paris in the rain is like caviar in a Dixie cup. It's still caviar. (Says the guy who's never been to Paris or eaten caviar.)

    That's great you joined the French Library. I've often thought about joining the French Cultural Center in Boston. Hope you enjoy the event tonight!

    Finally, Kate and I both love that Regina Spekor song!

  2. Haha, love it!

    The French Library was fantastic — you should totally go to the one in Boston. I had such a great time last night!

    So happy you know the Regina Spektor song!