Monday, October 8, 2012

An Irish Wedding!

At last! Time to update you on my lovely and delightful trip across the pond. First stop: an Irish wedding. Our friends Shalah and Christian got married just outside of Clifden on the western coast of Ireland. We were amazed at how green and gorgeous everything was as we made our way from Dublin to Galway. 

The wedding took place at Rosleague Manor, a stunning spot with breathtaking views of the Irish countryside. After an outdoor ceremony, we enjoyed a five-course meal, and dancing late into the night. The biggest struggle for Matt and I? Our jet lag! We took the red eye into Dublin the night before the wedding, and managed a couple of hours of sleep before the ceremony began. But it was absolutely worth it! The pics above should give you a glimpse of the day—the beautiful bride, the map filled with place settings, the blessing I got to read during the ceremony right after the couple said 'I do'.

Have you ever been to Ireland? More to come on my travels this week!


  1. Yayy!! Can't wait to hear more! Keep the pics coming--I love them!! :-)

  2. More posts to come, Alyssa! And lots more pics to share! xx