Thursday, February 20, 2014

Asking men for style advice

Do you ever ask your guy for outfit advice? Before I lived with Matt, I loved consulting my roommates for their style opinions. You know what I mean: Which necklace looks best with this shirt? Should I wear heels or boots? Do you think I should add a belt to this dress? Yes, it sounds crazy, but there's nothing better than asking for—and getting!—fashion advice that I can trust.

Fast forward to now. If I ask Matt, I can tell that he wants to be helpful, but he's not as excited about the fashion decisions as I am. And when I push him to choose between a black dress or a navy dress (a HUGE distinction), he'll respond: "You look nice in both."

Sweet? Of course. But where's the definitive fashion feedback that I crave so much? I think this is just one of those differences between guys and girls. And it makes me totally appreciate FaceTime for the moments when you absolutely need to phone a friend. :)

PS: A hilarious Instagram feed of men waiting for their girlfriends to shop.

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  1. Mike's response to (endless) "what should I wear today?" inquiries: "I'M NOT NADIA!" (Nadia is my former roommate.)

  2. @Marnie: hahaha, I love it! It's not so hard to give an opinion! :)

  3. very cute post -- mike usually goes with a "i'm not answering that!" in fear of saying the wrong thing. smart guy.

  4. @Hil: It's very tricky territory for guys! At least that's what Matt says...