Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Lisa Kudrow in The Comeback

Last week, I totally got knocked out by whatever cold/flu horror show has been going around New York. There really isn't much in terms of daytime TV to watch, so I decided to give The Comeback, an old HBO show starring Lisa Kudrow, a whirl. Have you seen it? The show is a hoot! Lisa plays Valerie Cherish, a one-time sitcom star, who attempts to move back into the spotlight, and allows a camera crew to film her progress. It's hilarious, and Lisa is terrific. 

With my weekend spent in recovery mode, I cruised through the first (and only) season—and now I'm sad that's all there is! I did read rumors that they might possibly shoot more, but so far, no plans are set.

Are you a fan of this show?

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