Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travel Page: Ireland

If you read yesterday's post, you saw incredible photos from my friends' Irish wedding. Hard to believe that was only day one of our trip! From Clifden, we drove back to Galway, where we checked into the most lovely B&B I've ever stayed at: the Kilcullen House. If you ever find yourself in Ireland, book a room at this place—it's reasonably priced, centrally located, and run by the most welcoming staff you could possibly imagine. We dropped our bags, and got back on the road—this time, traveling down to see the Cliffs of Moher. We took the scenic route, which made for a tight squeeze when passing others on the road, but was completely worth it since it meant we could drive along Ireland's beautiful coast.

Other Ireland favorites:

*The Guinness Factory tour in Dublin was touristy, yes, but tons of fun. It also features one of the most impressive views of the entire city!
*The castles. I felt like I fell into an episode of Downton Abbey every time we passed a magnificent castle, like the one pictured above near Clifden.
*I grew up in a small town, but I couldn't get enough of the cows, sheep and horses, roaming in the sweeping fields along the roads as we drove by. Also, amazing—the stone walls! It's incredible to think about how long ago they were built, and how they've withstood the test of time...and inclement weather.
*The food. We had the pleasure of dining at Kai, a delightful spot in Galway, where I enjoyed one of the best meals of the entire trip. Matt's steak—pictured above—was so tasty, with all organic ingredients, too.
*Last, the very best part of Ireland is the small town vibe of a country so lush, green, friendly and kind. Everywhere we went we either made friends or ran into them, which is exactly why I posted the pic of myself and my friend (and fellow wedding guest) Stephanie. Matt and I ran into Steph and her husband Tom the last night of our trip at a pub in Dublin. Together, we walked over to the Ha'penny Bridge over the Liffey River — a magical way to say goodbye to the city, and get ready for our next destination: Paris!


  1. love this! Your photos are gorgeous, and running into you guys was the best!

  2. Aw! Thanks Steph! Seriously, it was the best last night in Dublin ever! xx