Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I heart Ratatouille

So, I'm late to the party on this one—about five years late—but I finally saw Ratatouille over the weekend. I loved it! What a sweet, adorable, funny, clever film. I always have a difficult time determining my favorite Pixar movie, but upon seeing this, I can declare: Ratatouille is it. 

What is your favorite Pixar film? Have you seen
them all?

PS—This film made me even more excited for Paris!


  1. I love Ratatouille! My two favorites though are Toy Story and Finding Nemo. But everything Pixar makes is great!

  2. Yes, Toy Story is totally up there for me, as is Finding Nemo. I can't believe I never saw Ratatouille when it came out — such a great movie!