Thursday, August 2, 2012

More heirloom tomatoes, please

Lately, my summer vegetable of choice is heirloom tomatoes. In sandwiches, in a salad, even as a tasty app before dinner. They're so fresh and flavorful, and I love the opportunity to prepare such a colorful dish. Two things sparked my recent addiction:

First, the August cover of Bon Appetit. If you haven't seen it, check it out (the heirloom tomato and feta sandwich recipe is delicious). 

Second, the chance to try Marcus Samuelson's tomato and watermelon salad (grab the recipe here). With jalapeno added on, it even has a bit of a kick!

Do you like heirloom tomatoes? What's your favorite summer vegetable this year? 

(Image 1, Image 2)


  1. This looks amazing!!! Heirloom tomatoes are definitely my new favorite...thanks to Matt! :-)

  2. Yes, those Wild Matt Tomatoes were crazy! You are so lucky to have access to the produce that you do on the west coast...