Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Idina Menzel on Broadway

I'm so excited to go and see Idina Menzel on Broadway this week in her new musical, If/Then. It's about a woman re-building her life in New York City—and it co-stars Anthony Rapp, making this show a Rent reunion of sorts. 

Other than the basic premise, I don't know much about the play, which is how I like it. Matt and I go back and forth on this: he loves to read as much as there is to know about a show in advance of seeing it; I prefer to know the basics, steering clear of too many plot details so that I can experience the show expectation-free. All that said, it's hard not to go into a show like this expecting incredible music. Idina Menzel is a powerhouse, and I've loved her since her Rent and Wicked days.

How about you? Do you like to read up on a play before you see it? Or do you prefer to go into it cold?

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