Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Page: A toast!

Happy April, my darling readers—and happy April Fool's Day! I'm always a tiny bit nervous on this day: It's one of Matt's favorite holidays. He loves a good-natured prank, something that keeps me on my toes all day. ;)

So, September is my favorite month all year, but April comes in at a very close second. The bright spring tulips are reason enough for me to adore this time of year. But I also love that it's the beginning of baseball season (go Red Sox!), rainy days with pretty umbrellas, and Easter candy (Cadbury mini-eggs are my downfall). A bonus for this month: Princess Kate and Prince William embark on another world tour, this time to Australia. I'm so excited to follow along and see what she wears!

What do you love most about April?

PS: One of my favorite April Fool's jokes.

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  1. Cadbury mini-eggs are my downfall also! I have (half of) a bag in my desk right now. :-/

  2. @Bridget: Seriously, they are so good, right?! Every year, I swear that I'm not going to buy them, but I always do! Good to know I'm not alone... ;)