Monday, April 7, 2014

New York Road Runners

This past weekend, my parents came to New York and my dad and I ran another race together in Central Park. It was a 4-miler and it felt amazing—almost like dusting off the winter cobwebs. It didn't hurt that it happened to be a gorgeous and sunny day (although a tiny bit chilly).

I never used to be much of a runner before, but there is something so energizing about running in a road race. On the treadmill, it's just you setting the pace and the length you're aiming to run. During a road race, your run somehow feels like a team effort. I love all the volunteers that line up along the route to cheer you on as you pass by. It's probably my favorite part. 

I'm looking forward to being able to take my running outdoors a bit more now that spring finally seems to have arrived.

Have you run in a road race before?

PS: My first race.

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  1. you guys look great! i am not a runner either, but i have done a few races in the last year and i agree with you. also, my running really improved once i learned to accept that i am slow and stick at that pace.