Thursday, March 27, 2014

How to beat the NYC blues

This winter has been loooong. I found myself in Times Square this week, dealing with cold temps and running late, but held back by a sea of people crowding the sidewalks with no pathway through. I saw a free cab and a clear few blocks of road, so I hopped in, thinking, it's OK. I only have about eight blocks to go. Why I thought it would be faster? I don't know. It was a rookie mistake, even though I've lived in New York for—count them—six years now(!).

Anyways, the whole experience made me think of this post I recently read about that love/hate relationship with the city that we all frequently feel. Mary Phillips-Sandy brilliantly lists the things to do (and what not to do) when New York is bringing you down. She says: 

Go for a long walk listening to whatever music you feel is good for walking in this city. But...Avoid Times Square unless you're on a side street and there's a light summer rain falling (advice I wish I had earlier in the week).

You can read the whole piece here

What about you? Do you ever feel like you have a love/hate relationship with New York?

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