Monday, March 24, 2014

Book Page: Cooking Up a Business

Have you read the book "Cooking Up a Business"? If not, you should! Written by Rachel Hofstetter—a former food editor for Oprah magazine—it's full of advice for food lovers with entrepreneurial aspirations and ideas. Rachel herself explains in an interview with I Want Her Job that her book should come with a warning sticker on the front: "Warning—you might be inspired to start your own business!" After reading it, she's totally right.

I'm thrilled that, tonight, Rachel is joining New York Women in Communications and the Young Professionals committee to share her own experience and entrepreneurial expertise. Tickets are still available, and it should be an incredible night. 

Do you ever feel that pang of a good idea? Or that itch to start your own business (food-related or not)? If you do, you should read Rachel's book!

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