Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY page: A chalkboard paint vase

My mom and I recently attempted a small DIY project: our own chalkboard paint vases! I was super inspired by this post over at Brit + Co. We modified their design a bit, based on materials we could find, but the whole thing was so easy to make. We picked up the glass vases at Walmart, and grabbed chalkboard paint and markers at Michael's. That was all it took!

One trick: To give the vase a real chalkboard finish, rub actual chalk on the paint after it dries. Otherwise, it just looks like the glass is covered in black paint. 

The best part was dashing out to pick up colorful tulips when we were done. Isn't the finished design so sweet? With this vase on display, my apartment already feels a bit more like spring!


  1. looks great! i'll put an order in for one!

  2. haha Rachel you are too much! Mike told me he saw you and you said you were making one. Too sweet xo