Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Red Light, Green Light

At last — wedding #3! This one took place in Maine over the 4th. It was my cousin Carolyn getting hitched, which made it feel more like a family reunion than a wedding. I don't think all of my cousins have been together in Maine (the place we used to vacation as kids) in over 10 years! At the bride's request, we decided to re-live our youth outside the chapel with a competitive round of Red Light, Green Light. Do you remember that game? 

When we were little, our parents used to help host pot-luck suppers at the local town library. My cousins and I would go, but as soon as our food was finished, we'd get permission to play outside. We'd be out there for hours playing all kinds of games like Kick the Can, Red Rover, and, of course, Red Light Green Light. 

What a hilarious moment re-creating that game. We've all aged a bit, but when it comes to a little bit of healthy competition, we all still say the same thing: bring it on!

PS—Wedding #1 and Wedding #2.


  1. Great action shots! I think that I see some illegal contact.

  2. Yes, me too! Definitely every man/woman for themselves in this game! :)