Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dinner at Rosemary's

This is something that's always been tough to commit to out loud, but I officially have a favorite restaurant in New York. The place is called Rosemary's, and it's the newest addition to the West Village culinary scene. Why do I love it? Let's start with the food, the ambiance, the stairway to the rooftop garden, which they use to add freshly picked ingredients to almost every dish(!). The atmosphere is relaxed and unpretentious; the service friendly and polished. It doesn't hurt that they offer my favorite dish: made-from-scratch orecchiete with fresh greens and sweet Italian sausage. 

As I said, it's tough to commit in a city like New York, but when you find 'the one,' you know and it's easy to say out loud. :)

Do you have a favorite restaurant in New York (or anywhere else)?  

(Images via Eater and GastroChic)

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