Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer rental

Wow—didn't the 4th of July come and go so fast? As I was road tripping from Connecticut to Maine, I started thinking about the significance a single bridge can have as a trigger that vacation has begun. For example, when my sister and I were little, our family would pack up the car to make the 3-hour drive to our beach spot in Maine. It wasn't until we rounded the highway bend in New Hampshire and saw the Piscataqua Bridge in the distance that our anticipation would reach it's peak. We'd roll down the windows, blast the radio, and shriek with excitement as we crossed the state border, the first official marker that our vacation had begun.

When you embark on a summer trip—be it for a weekend or a week—is there a visual cue that reminds you that vacation starts now? What is it? I'd love to hear!

PS—Wedding updates coming soon. Both were beautiful, and so much fun! :)

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