Wednesday, August 20, 2014

O Captain My Captain

I was deeply saddened to hear that Robin Williams passed away last week. Like so many, I grew up entertained and delighted by so many of his films. Three favorites stand out: Good Will Hunting (I walked past this bench en route to work every morning for three years), Hook (I saw this in the theater with my cousins in Maine—and spent the summer chanting "Ruf-i-ooooo!"), and Mrs. Doubtfire (I still remember the tears of laughter streaming down my grandmother's face when we watched this scene).

But—as Matt pointed out last week—I had never seen Dead Poets Society, which Matt claims is his ultimate role. We rented it last week to watch, in honor of Robin, and whenever I mentioned our plan to my friends and parents, they all replied, "Carpe diem! That film changed my life. You'll love it." I did. Similar to this movie, it's one I can't stop thinking about. It reminded me of the power of a very good film and the impact of a memorable character, like John Keating, who Robin plays. 

It was nice to see a youthful Robin Williams in his first dramatic role on screen—and say goodbye.

What's your favorite Robin Williams film?

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