Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bar Chuko

Do you like Japanese food? I recently tried out Bar Chuko in Prospect Heights. It was so hard to not order everything on the menu—each dish was so good. That said, it's easy to sample a lot since the menu is divided into snacks, bites, bowls, and skewers (all reasonably priced). For $2-3 a pop, the grilled veggie skewers were my favorite part. I tried the corn, the broccoli, the cherry tomatoes and the snow peas (don't they look so pretty?). As the night went on, I kept increasing my order, adding more and more skewers to try. Next time I go, I have a strategy: Order multiples of each from the start!

1 comment:

  1. 2-3$ for a 3 grape tomatoes?? I bought a container of grape tomatoes yesterday for 1.99$....and there was about 50 of them in it...AKA $50 worth of tomatoes at Bar Chuko.... :-) looks tasty though!