Thursday, March 21, 2013

Something sexy

Do you struggle to find a bra that is the perfect fit? I find that no matter which lingerie store I try, I leave exhausted—and with the sales person telling me that I'm a completely different size than what I thought when I walked in. That's why I love Ampere, a brand-new, online lingerie site that provides you with the tools to measure yourself so you get the right size each time you shop. Plus, every style is so feminine and pretty. I had the chance to speak with the line's co-founder, Jiabei Chen, and learn more about her gorgeous line. 

How did you come up with the idea for Ampere? 
My co-founder and I started Ampere because we believe in the power of lingerie to make a woman feel confident and beautiful. Shopping for lingerie, however, was a different story. As a petite yet busty girl, I had a hard time finding bras in my size that weren't boring. My co-founder has more traditional proportions, but had been wearing the wrong size her entire life. After speaking with friends, family and colleagues, we discovered that many women were similarly frustrated. We set out to find a better way.

What makes Ampere unique?
We designed our pieces with luxurious materials and with a woman's figure in mind. From the band to the straps to the lace, every element was chosen not only because we liked the look, but also to improve the fit of our products. Our bras come in 28 sizes so chances are we have something that will fit you, even if you're petite or full busted.

In addition, we developed a revolutionary way to shop for lingerie. Each Ampere customer is sent a measuring kit with instructions on finding her recommended Ampere size. Every bra order comes with a free matching panty and additional sister sizes so that she can try our pieces on in the comfort of her own home. Free shipping, free returns and excellent customer service completes the Ampere experience. All of this is possible at a very reasonable price point because Ampere is sold exclusively online.

What should you always keep in mind when checking to see how your bra fits?
The band should do most of the work in a bra. New bras should be worn on the loosest hook. Use your fingers to check how tight the band hugs you. You should only be able to slip two fingers between the center of your back and the band. Also make sure the band sits straight across your back. Anything that rides up or down is a sure sign of poor fit. 

What are your favorite pieces in your first collection?
My favorite bra is the Gramercy. I love the organic quality of the lace. It's delicate but not "too sweet." I also love the Madison Romper. It's made from 100% lace and feels absolutely divine when you wear it.

(Images via Ampere) 

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