Monday, June 18, 2012

Spatial relations

Last week, I read this fantastic interview with Kate Arends, the woman behind Wit & Delight, a must-read blog of mine. She talks about how the kitchen is her favorite space in her home to play. She says: "It's small, but works great for culinary adventures. Many messes and memories have been made there."

This got me thinking about favorite spaces in my life. In college (a campus I used to consider home), there was this amazing balcony that overlooked the whole student union, and the only people who had access to it were those who worked for the newspaper and the Student Government Association. I used to spend hours sitting there, editing, and people-watching, too. It was a true comfort zone for creativity — a place where I could center my thoughts, and take in the view, too.

What about you — do you have a room, space, or place that makes you feel at home?

PS—Kate's recipe for the French Toast pictured above! 

(Images via The Glitter Guide)

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