Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Affair

Is anyone watching The Affair on Showtime? It filmed all summer right in front of our apartment in Brooklyn, so Matt and I decided to check it out. Now, I'm totally hooked—and since I'm basically watching it in real time (instead of binge watching at the end of the season like a normal person), I have to wait with baited breath each week for a new episode to air. ;)

Here's the gist: The show is about a Brooklyn family who spends their summer vacation at their in-laws' estate in Montauk. The dad/husband (played by Dominic West) meets a married waitress (played by Ruth Wilson) and there's a spark...dun dun dun. (I promise, I'm not giving anything away!) One of my favorite parts about the show is the supporting cast which includes Maura Tierney and Joshua Jackson. Anyways, it's intense! I don't think I've yelled at the TV this much in a long, long, long time. :)

Are you watching this show? Any other fall TV you're newly addicted to? Would love to know!

PS: In case you're hesitant to commit, The Affair has already been renewed for season 2!

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