Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Bowie brownies

There's a question that I'm always asked when people hear my last name is Bowie: "Are you related to David?" I feel lucky to share a name with a rock legendespecially since my heritage is more easily traced back to a different Bowie: Jim, who fought at the Alamo with the Bowie knife. But my unconfirmed relation to David is a cool one, and one that's been a constant conversation for my entire life.

Based on this, I laughed out loud when I saw the recipe for Bowie Brownies, developed by Natalie Glock at Blame it on the Brioche, and shared by Easy Living magazine in the UK. What a cool, music-inspired dish! This is one dessert recipe I think I have to try (even though my other attempts at baking have gone awry).

Are you a Bowie fan? :)

(Image 1, Image 2)

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