Thursday, May 23, 2013

Signature karaoke songs

Last weekend, some friends of mine (one, a former Wheatone) came to town for a tour of my new apartment, and dinner out in BK. We dined at a cozy neighborhood spot, and en route back to my place, happened to walk past a bar that was bumping with karaoke tunes. We couldn't resist! After putting our name in for several signature songs (Respect, Love Shack, and more), it got me thinking: What makes for a successful karaoke song?

The most crowd-pleasing numbers included the throwbacks—Kelly Clarkson, Queen, even Mr. Big. And our rendition of Madonna's Like a Prayer was a hit, and brought back the harmonies we learned during a cappella practice years ago. :)

Are you a karaoke fan? If so, do you have a signature song you always sing?

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