Friday, January 25, 2013

The weekend is here!

My darling readers, it's Friday! I'm so thrilled it's the weekend—and also feeling a little nostalgic. It's my last weekend living on the Upper East Side. Then, it's off to Brooklyn for me! In tribute to the last five years, Matt and I have planned a UES-style send-off with plans to hit all my favorite neighborhood spots. Depending how productive I am with packing, I will share pics from the weekend next week. In the meantime, wishing you all a lovely weekend ahead. Here, to get it started right, a few happy posts from around the web:

Rockwood residency. Yay!

Would you wear a black bow?

New York in the rain.

Peek-a-boo purple.

I heart these cards.

The details count.

What to wear in Central Park.

Grilled avocados.

Illustrating Paris.  

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