Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Flower arrangements 101

Whenever I pass a flower shop or bodega in New York with tons of buckets of fresh and colorful stems, I feel a sudden rush to make an impulse buy. But I always stop at the number of options. I never know what to pair with what! Of course, I know which types of flowers I like, but I'd love to be able to skillfully construct a well-balanced arrangement for my bedside table, my bathroom, or anywhere else in my home

So, I've been researching floral design classes in NYC, and I'm delighted to report that there are quite a few options to choose from. I was about to click "purchase" on a Williamsburg DIY class, when I found out that my favorite neighborhood floral shop offers classes, too! I can't wait to sign up.

How about you: Do you know your way around your local flower market? Any tips for someone just getting started in floral design?

(Image 2 via Design Love Fest)

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