Friday, October 29, 2010

The weekend is here!

Happy weekend dear readers and happy Halloween! You won't believe it, but this weekend I'm going GagaLady Gaga that is. It's the Halloween costume I decided on, blond wig and all! Something about the idea struck my fancy a few weeks back. A mini-shopping spree on (yes, I am moderately ashamed) and voila! My decision was made. What are you going as for Halloween? Any fun costume ideas? To get you in the spirit, here are a few Halloween-themed posts from around the Web:

Spooky ways to get your nails did.

Costume idea: go as Karl Lagerfeld.

Rent this — or see it onstage!

Another idea: be Sue Sylvester from Glee. 

Make your own candy bars!

Ew! Bandaged-finger appetizers from Oprah. 

Bone martini glasses.

The Monster Mash or the Zombie Party — both starring you!