Monday, September 8, 2014

Card night

Do you ever play card games? It's funny: I always laugh at how many decks of cards we have in our apartment. At last count, we have eight packs in the junk drawer in our kitchen! How we've managed to accumulate so many is something I'll never understand. ;)

But actually, a pack of playing cards is an awesome thing to have on hand. We used them on the train through Italy, in Maine last weekend to play cribbage, and have pulled them out for game night with friends, too.

So, not that I need another pack, but how cute are the hand-painted cards above? The king and queen look so dapper, right? This would totally become my go-to set. 

Do you play cards? What games do you love to play?

PS: Another portable game I love. 

(Images via One Canoe Two)

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